Enigma HD Online Slot Reviews

Enigma HD is a real online slot game that is inspired by classic adventure films like Indiana Jones. It is developed and released by Viaden Gaming.  There are 5 reels that feature 9 pay lines. The pay lines can be activated with wagers starting from as low as 0.01 per pay line.

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Tips On Doing Sports Betting Online

Online sports betting is a worldwide phenomenon that since its introduction has made a revolutionary change to the world of sports betting. Bettor that are looking to take part in a variety of different sports and categories that can be waged upon are able to do this with the greatest of ease and safety and are able to win bigger amounts of real money when doing so. Sports’ betting has never been easier than it is today and so many people are already making the most from every bet that they place.

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Using Sports Betting Online Sites to Wager at

The United Kingdom is saturated with a large percentage of the population looking to take part in some form of sports betting. Many people enjoy the thrill and excitement of waiting for their team to win so that they can win bigger. The sports betting scene has been around for decades and ever since there has been a professional sporting event that is publicized, sports betting has become an integral by-product of this.

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Moto GP – The World On Two Wheels

The Moto GP riding season spans over 9 months annually, running from the month of March through the month of November.  Host countries include Qatar (a favourite to many), the USA, Argentina and Spain.  Manufacturers of the motorcycles include Ducati, Honda, Suzuki and more.  Moto GP was established as a World Championship in 1949, and has a vast fan base the world over.  The minimum age for riders is eighteen years of age, and the maximum engine capacity of the motor cycles is 1 000cc.

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Classic Fruity Themed Sequel 40 Super Hot

The classic fruit machine is still a theme for a slot game that has become practically synonymous with the industry itself and even today, in amidst all the online gaming possibilities, there are new slots bearing this theme as the highlight on the reels.

40 Super Hot is a slot game available at a number of online casinos, is developed by EGT and is actually a sequel to their previous super hot game which garnered some serious popularity. The game is themed toward those classic fruit machine slots, and so incorporates the necessary fruits and whistles to affirm this experience. Continue reading Classic Fruity Themed Sequel 40 Super Hot

Jolly Fruits Online Five Reel Slot Game

Jolly Fruits Online Five Reel Slot Game

Jolly Fruits is an online video slot game produced by Novomatic, the online casino software company responsible for some of the biggest slot games around. Novomatic is a company that is known for their simple and elegant slot games that are easy to play but entertaining at the same time. As opposed to many of the bigger casino software companies, Novomatic leases their games out to specific online casinos using other platforms to host their games. The Jolly Fruits online five reel slot game has a classic fruit theme and features sharp graphics and high quality sound. In keeping with the classic fruit theme, the sound effects are reminiscent of the classic slot machines found in land based casinos.

5-reel, 10 Payline slot with a Progressive Jackpot

Novomatic have made a name for themselves in creating good quality slot games that are simple and fun. The Jolly Fruits online five reel slot game sticks to this winning formula with a basic setup of 5-reels and 10 paylines. Although the game itself does not have many bonus features it does offer wild symbols, scatter symbols as well as a major and minor progressive jackpot prize. The game also offers a nifty gamble feature which gives players the chance to double their winnings after any standard line win.

On the reels, players will find a host of fruit themed symbols including oranges, lemons, cherries, grapes, watermelons and bells. Some of the highest paying symbols in the game include the single bar symbol, the double bar symbol, the triple bar symbol as well as the standard 7 seven.

Wild Symbol Major Progressive Jackpot

In the Jolly fruits online five reel slot game, the red 7 symbol is the highest paying of all the standard symbols and is certainly one to keep an eye out for. Finding just three 7’s across the reels will pay out 500 coins while four will pay out 1500 coins and all five will pay out a handsome 10 000 coins.

The wild symbol in the jolly fruits online five reel slot game is played by the joker symbol. This is the most important symbols in this slot game. As with most slot games, the wild symbol can substitute for any of the other standard reel symbols in order to create a winning combination. The only symbol the wild symbol cannot substitute for is the star scatter symbol.

Scatter Symbol Minor Progressive Jackpot

The joker wild symbol is also the key to triggering the major progressive jackpot. Finding just four of the joker wild symbols pays out 10 000 coins while finding all five joker symbols will trigger the major progressive jackpot payout.

The scatter symbol in the Jolly Fruits online five reel slots game is played by the star symbol. The scatter symbols pays in any position on the reels. The star scatter symbol is also the key to triggering the minor progressive jackpot in the game. Finding just four of the scatter symbols on the reels will pay out 5000 coins while finding all five star scatter symbols across the reels will trigger the minor progressive jackpot payout.


Online Blackjack: What You Should Know About Decks and Bid Chips

There is plenty to know about playing blackjack, but it is essentially a simple game that anyone can enjoy and thrive at. However, there are somethings that you should be aware of, including how many cards are in each deck and how many are often used and how the online system works that. Also, you should know about the different casino chips that are used online and what amount each one stands for. Make sure to know about the various styles of the game that are used so that you can know the difference and enjoy the game fully.

Decks of Cards and Casino Chips

When it comes to the game of blackjack online you should be aware that they use a standard deck of cards, which has 52 cards without the jokers. However, unlike the physical casinos they end up putting the used cards back into the deck, which means if you are trying to count the cards to find out which options are left it isn’t going to help you. One of the other things that you should try to find out is how many decks are being used since it can start with 2 decks and go up to 8, but it depends on the casino and the site that you are using. When you are playing this game, even if just online, you will need the required bidding chips that come in different colors and each of them have a different money amount that is associated with them. Make sure that you know what each one is to ensure that you are bidding what you want and white equals $1, red equals $5, green equals $25 and the black chips equal $100.

Variations of the Game

There are plenty of different variations of this game, including Spanish 21, 21st century blackjack, Double Exposure, Double attack, Blackjack switch, Multiple action and Super Fun 21 and they all have different rules. Spanish 21 allows the player to double as many cards as they want and is typically found in some of the Australian casinos, while the 21st century variation is found in many card rooms in California and with this option a bust doesn’t always mean that you automatically lose. While the double exposure variation requires the dealers first 2 cards to be placed faced up instead of the traditional way and double attack allows the player to change their bid after viewing the dealer’s cards. All of these variations have different payouts and different rules and are typically played in different areas, so make sure that you know what variation you are playing.

However, most often the traditional blackjack version is what most online casinos will be using since it is the easier and quickest option for most players. It is also the most widely known variation, along with being the most beloved version with the simplest rules. Enjoy playing this online game in the comfort of your own home and without having to get dressed up to go out to the nearest casino.

Online Bitcoin Casinos – Understanding the Types and Games

Online gambling and Bitcoin is a perfect match. Both online gambling operators and casino players find it the most lucrative options.

Pros for online casino operators

  • Free deposit and withdrawals
  • Eliminates payment processing cost
  • Sites have more resources for promotions and deposit bonus
  • Allows best payout for online casino players
  • It is not regulated by the bank or government, so funds cannot be frozen or seized

Pros for casino players

  • In illegal gambling markets, casino players have experienced their funds getting seized several times in the past, but with Bitcoin, players get freedom to control their money
  • Online Bitcoin casinos offer anonymity to the players
  • They just ask the players email address solely for password recovery purpose

Types of Bitcoin Casinos

Masses have accepted bitcoins but are still used less in online casino markets, when compared to fiat money. There are two kinds of bitcoin casinos –

  1. Bitcoin-only sites
  2. Hybrid casinos

It is understandable that in bitcoin-only sites, players use digital money for deposit and withdrawals. Alternatively, in fusion casinos both currencies are accepted. You will need to give them your name and address to get registered. During withdrawal, the players will have to verify their identity. Usually, you will need to fax bank statement or utility bill.

Hybrid casinos accept deposits and withdrawals via bitcoin, but when you deposit the funds get converted to fiat currency. This means, when you bet, it is a fiat money like US dollars or Euro.

Bitcoin casino games

BTC casino players get more and more alternatives included every year. Games offered are similar to online traditional ones, but with free deposits & withdrawals along with much better odds.


Most popular casino games and BTC online arena provides slots in dozens with host of options including progressive jackpots. Their payout percentages draw slot players towards bitcoin casinos.

The payout percentages of bitcoin slots are extremely higher than fiat-based slots. Even the land based casino slots look robbed legally because some sites provide 99% payouts on some slots.


The second popular game after slots is Blackjack. This game is also well-represented by BTC casino industry. Players can select the different variations and obtain better payout odds in comparison to any offline or online fiat-based casino all around the world.


Most simple table games and BTC casinos provide many modifications including European and American roulette. Players can enjoy the best odds and more options.

Live dealer casino games

Games like baccarat, roulette, and blackjack are available live for wagering at several online BTC casinos. Players can get into action with the authentic casino environment streamed live. You can enjoy socializing with the other players.

Other casino games

Above are the most famous choices, but BTC has other casino game options like 3-card poker, pokies, video poker, casino war, craps and more. Lottery and dice games are also very much popular.

Provably fair

Introduction of Bitcoin casinos is a new development and has proved to be the fairest of all options. It is instant and flawless. Players can find out, if they are obtaining fair odds on every bet. Provably fair is calculated differently on every game.