Why Reading Online Casino Review Is a Good Idea

Players looking for new sites to enjoy action-packed gaming should never underestimate the importance of an informative online Casino review. Reading review before committing to playing at any site is one of the best things a player could do to protect themselves and their money, and ensure they have the best possible gaming experience.

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CasinoFitzgerald Overview

Land Based Hotel and CasinoFitzgerald

Perhaps more popularly known as the Fitz this is a land based casino and hotel located in Tunica. Renowned for their fine hotel rooms and amenities as well as there substantial casino gaming this is definitely a prestigious establishment. For players looking to find some form of casino gaming, the CasinoFitzgerald can be the place for them, boasting some impressive selections and plenty of diverse gaming possibilities.

With online gaming what it has become today, land based casino’s around the world have taken a considerable hit. To compete with the accessibility and ease of use of online gaming is practically impossible at this stage, but for a land based casino there is more to offer then just the gaming experience. There’s the atmosphere and overall experience of such a resort, making the whole process one big adventure. Besides, with a motto like the one CasinoFitzgerald has, Luck Lives Here, the focus of this group seems to be on the players and the games they want to play.

The CasinoFitzgerald Hotel and Casino Offering

The Fitz casino has grown its popularity as a reliable source of land based gaming, by offering players a great experience, both whilst gaming and whilst not. But to get a better picture at just exactly what’s on offer, a closer look at what the specs of the establishment represents. First off, the hotel and lodging scene here at the CasinoFitzgerald is quite impeccable.

There are over 500 rooms at this hotel and these are connected to the casino gaming services on offer in an easy and readily accessible way. On top of this there are bonus amenities here, like dog friendly rooms, rooms overlooking the Mississippi river and other more classic amenities like Jacuzzis and fitness equipment and pools. This makes the stay here quite relaxing and enjoyable regardless of the casino gaming operation at hand.

The casino aspect of this establishment is also pretty high end and features a goodly mix of different and unique games like slots and table game classics. The full specifications of this CasinoFitzgerald is some 1000 slot machines and around 20 table games, but it isn’t just the actual gaming on offer that’s impressive. The atmosphere in the casino and hotel is what drives players to this locale to game, and as the casino themselves say, this is one of the friendliest places to play. Not only this but the online casino games available are up to date and feature some of the more modern releases so players won’t feel left behind whilst playing these games in one of the more preferable ways to play it.

CasinoFitzgerald Land Based Versus Online

Clearly the offering from the CasinoFitzgerald and hotel is pretty substantial, but how does it really compare with the easy access of online casino gaming. Well in the long run, pretty well actually. Because despite the advantages of online play, land based casinos will always have that classic casino atmosphere as well as the hands on reality of casino gaming, and so if not always a viable option, land based casino gaming is still one of the more visually gratifying, and so will always have a place for players.

Online Casino Gaming with Slots like BlackDouble

The big thing about online gaming is the speed at which it grows and progresses. Not even two decades ago people around the world were still discovering the Internet and some of the possibilities this will ultimately lead to.

Today, there is mobile casino gaming in all of its varieties and available through most every platform like smartphones and tablets. But of course it won’t stop here, there is already games on the rise using virtual reality as its medium and doubtlessly there is more where this came from.

For now, at least the foreseeable now, players can enjoy readily available top casino gaming apps for their specific smartphone operating system, games like BlackDouble slot which have their own personal approach to the whole operation and can make for some exciting gaming.

Online Gaming Possibilities like BlackDouble

The Internet, the one of today at least, has grown to gargantuan size and holds most of the accumulated wealth of knowledge that humanity has accrued over its entire existence. It also has a lot of cool casino games for multiple different platforms.

The types of online gaming that has propped up over the years is insurmountable, however just a few of the subcategories involved include real money slots and video slots, table games like Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and Craps to name but a few.

There is also lottery, bingo sports betting and ultimately any gambling game that the internet has brought to light from all over the world. From the humble beginnings as betting games played in the streets and later in land based casinos, to what they have become today through the internet and modern technology, games like BlackDouble are only just the beginning of what can be achieved in this hog industry at the moment.

Another often overlooked upside to this whole online gaming development is that the internet offers a fairly balanced field for which the online gaming establishments to compete for player attention, this means that the competition of the industry is closely contested and that it will remain that way for the foreseeable future, which means better and better offerings for the players playing said games.

This may come in the form of welcome bonuses from online casinos or fun games like BlackDouble offering better and better deals and jackpots to invite the players and then prove themselves worthwhile. This breeds some top class online action across the board.

Where Online Gaming May be Heading

So in terms of technological advances there is already the virtual reality casino gaming that is becoming steadily more available, so games like BlackDouble can be played by entering the world itself, giving new dimensions to the term gaming atmosphere.

But from here the only place to go is up, with more platforms to engage across, like smart watches and whatever’s next, more online possibilities, though there is so much already, and so on.

It is difficult to see where we are headed with technology and online gaming, but the path there looks good, having been marked by quality gaming along the way like BlackDouble.

The future is here, what comes next may be too awesome to comprehend for the moment. Practice with some free slots, but once you’ve got it down, enjoy real money pokies at your favourite online casino from our list of recommended providers.

Microgaming bingo rooms

Microgaming Bingo Rooms Online

In the world of games of chance, bingo is an interesting case. It can be traced back to the 16th century, and yet, despite its long history and continued popularity, it has never really formed part of the regular offerings of land-based casinos.

Things are different online, where the lottery-based game is enjoyed with abandon by millions of players the world over. More and more sites have popped up; some reputable, while others are less so.

Microgaming bingo rooms are among the more popular of those found on the worldwide web, and for various reasons. Some players love the variety of games they offer, while others are attracted by software that runs smoothly, or the assurance of security and fair play they offer.

Free and Real Money Online Bingo

The bulk of the games found at Microgaming bingo rooms are aimed at real money players; however, they do offer a number of free games.

In addition to rooms that are dedicated to free bingo, sites powered by the software developer also offer other ways, such as bonuses, in which players can daub tickets for free.

Players who want to play with real money are catered for with banking services that are protected by data encryption technology. A variety of payment methods, such as bank transfers and credit cards, are accepted by such services.

Range of Microgaming Bingo Games

While the game offerings of land-based establishments are limited by factors such as space, staff ability, and the desires of the local playing community, such is not the case with online Microgaming bingo rooms.

With more freedom than allowed by a physical building, online rooms can offer a selection of bingo games as well as other games of chance.

The bingo games at rooms powered by the software developer usually include the classic, ever-popular 90-ball variation, as well as the simpler 75-ball variation that originated in the USA.

The 90-ball variation at Microgaming bingo rooms is played on tickets that feature three rows of five random numbers. The game is played for both line prizes and a main jackpot.

The 75-ball variation is played on tickets that feature a 5×5 grid. The game is played by completing patterns for line prizes.

Some of the games players could find include Standard, Cash Blitz, Promo, Super Promos, Square Deal, and High Rollers. Some games feature progressive jackpots, which means the prizes increase in size as the game is played.

Other games that players could find and play for free or with real money include australian slots, table games, and card games.

Features of Microgaming Bingo Rooms

Microgaming bingo rooms are designed and built in a way that enables players to play at them in browser, whether on PC or mobile. This means that players won’t need to download software, but will need an active Internet connection.

The rooms and games themselves feature interfaces that are easy to navigate, and are brought to life with clear, colourful graphics and animations, and good sound effects.

In addition to this, live chat features mean players can enjoy social chats with one another, and even play live chat games. The chat features are moderated, ensuring a pleasant gaming experience for those concerned.

Hundreds of games and highly competitive promos at Club USA Casino

An Introduction to Club USA Casino

Club USA Casino is an online casino powered by Real Time Gaming and is aimed at providing local United States players an online gambling experience in local languages and currencies. The casino prides itself on offering premium services and security as well as the hundreds of games and highly competitive promos at Club USA Casino. Services to expect include live chat, email service or a local toll free telephone service for quick and convenient access to all forms of support.

An Award Winning Online Casino

The casino site is not only renowned for the hundreds of games and highly competitive promos at Club USA Casino, it has also won many accolades which have proven the casino to be an all-round success.  In both 2008 and 2009 the casino won the Casinomeister Best Casino Award. Additionally Club USA Casino won Best New Casino in 2006, Best Casino Customer Support in 2007 and the Best US Friendly Casino in 2008.

Casino Software and Selection of Games

The hundreds of games at Club USA Casino owe the virtual life like experience to the software developers, Real Time Gaming. They are known to produce games with intense and vibrant visuals and superb digital sound effects. The selection of games at Club USA Casino are replenished and updated on a regular basis. Casino games available at the site range from all the traditional favourites to new variations. These include table games like craps, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, Caribbean stud poker, Tri card poker, Let ‘em Ride and pai gow poker amongst others.

Video poker games offered include the classics like Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better and of course there are plenty of slots games available too. The casino is one of the few Real Time Gaming casinos that offer slots tournaments which are held around the clock. The casino games can be played with greater value for money as the highly competitive promos at Club USA Casino are offered in abundance.

Highly Competitive Promotions and Bonuses

Amongst the highly competitive promos at Club USA Casino is the featured welcome bonus where slots, keno or scratch card players receive 100% on their first deposit of $777. Video poker players and fans of table games will receive 100% on their first deposit which is worth up to $150. Daily bonuses for all of the hundreds of games at Club USA Casino are available. These bonuses range from 30% to 60% of deposit matches and are adjusted and updated on a regular basis. These and other weekly or ongoing bonuses can be viewed on the promotions page.

VIP Player Rewards Plan                                                  

The rewards plan is available for all players partaking in the hundreds of games and highly competitive promos at Club USA Casino. Every single new player is automatically entered into the player rewards plan and begins earning points with every game play. The bottom of the VIP tier earns one point for every $10 spent but as play continues players climb higher up the VIP tier where the value of points becomes less and the more points are earned. For leading casino provider sites, the player rewards plan is customized to suit each player and the rewards that are given are determined by each player’s game play.