A Simple Guide to Playing Keno Online

Keno is a lottery styled gambling game enjoying huge popularity at modern day online casinos. Before it made the transition to the online world, a circular glass bubble containing 80 balls that would eventually randomly determine the result of the draw was in use, with each ball numbered from one through to 80.

A blower would push air into the glass bubble, mixing the balls up, and the caller would press a lever, opening the tube and delivering a ball into the v shaped rabbit ears attached to the bubble. After 20 balls had been drawn and verified the winner would be announced.

Nowadays computer programs select the balls instead of a blower, and the results are far more quickly revealed. Players place their bets by selecting numbers on the ticket which correspond to the ones on the balls, and, when they match the numbers on the randomly selected balls, they win, according to the paytables.

How to Win with Keno

Each online casino will set its own individual series of pay scales for keno, known as paytables. Players are paid out according to how many numbers they have correctly guessed as well as this pay scale.

There are many different keno tables to choose from when you start enjoying this game online, and no two paytables are identical, with sometimes as many as 30 different types to choose from.

The beauty of this game is that it the outcome is an utterly random one, and whether or not you are able to collect any winnings depends entirely on the attentions of fickle Lady Luck.

The only way to ensure that you have a good time each and every time you log in to your online account to play keno is if you approach it as a fun game of chance, as this will remove the pressure for you to try to predict a totally random result.

Take Part in an Ancient Game

Although the word keno has Latin and French roots, quini meaning five each in Latin and quine meaning five winning numbers in French, the roots of the game have been traced back to ancient China, and is now enjoyed around the world. Make sure you try out the online keno Canada and other regions currently have on offer.

One legend has it that the invention of the game in fact saved the city in a time of war, with the funds generated by it being used to finance the building of the Great Wall.

The original Chinese players used sheets printed with Chinese characters to select their numbers, and immigrants travelling out of China to help build the first transcontinental railroad in the USA between 1863 and 1869 introduced the game to the West.

By 1866 it was a wildly popular game of chance in Houston Texas, and the name had been adjusted to suit the language of the new players.

Keno can be played at a wide variety of online casinos these days, and you will be able to access a wealth of information on how to play it so that you are confident in your ability when the real money bets begin.