Wacky Underground Mining Slot Boom Brothers™

This is another slot game from top developers Netent and is themed toward a rather unique motif. That is an underground mining expedition to discover rare gemstones and other cool loot with a rather interesting approach to while experience. Boom Brothers™ slot game incorporates a lot of mechanical aspects into its theme of mining, with even the reels themselves operating in a wholly unique fashion through chains linking the symbols together and lowering in a mechanical style to the bottom of the reels and presumably deep into the earth.

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Tips On Doing Sports Betting Online

Online sports betting is a worldwide phenomenon that since its introduction has made a revolutionary change to the world of sports betting. Bettor that are looking to take part in a variety of different sports and categories that can be waged upon are able to do this with the greatest of ease and safety and are able to win bigger amounts of real money when doing so. Sports’ betting has never been easier than it is today and so many people are already making the most from every bet that they place.

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Bar X Magic 7 a Classic Slot Machine

Bar X Magic 7 is a classic slot machine. The definition of classic in terms of this slot machine is not based on the age of the game, but rather on the design. When slot machines were first designed and marketed around the turn of the 19th century, they were simplified to restrict the number of reels to three, and the number of paylines to one.

This was done in order for these early machines to be able to honour the pay table and reward players with any winnings they may achieve without needing to involve a human attendant. What is surprising is the level of popularity that these classic machines have retained, despite a huge influx of high action 5 reel machine, some with more than 30 paylines.

Suitable for All Players

Bar X Magic 7 is therefore an ideal slot for beginners as well as players who feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the current swathe of slot machines where things are happening to fast, with just too many paylines and second screens and bonus games happening all the time.

Bar X Magic 7 is pure slots playing pleasure with just one payline to concentrate on fully.

In Bar X Magic 7 it is equally vital that players utilise the game setting to perfect the slots experience completely. The slot machine has but a single payline, and to activate it costs a single coin. The value of this coin can be changed from 0.01 to 3.75 coins.

This means that the maximum bet is 3.75 coins per spin, a number that is pretty significant given that the jackpot is 50 x the coin value played. With a theoretical return to player percentage of 94%, it can be seen that this is, in fact, a low to medium variance machine and therefore presents a clear opportunity to play a large volume of slots games without it costing an arm and a leg.

The Bonus Features in this Game

The bonus features of Bar X Magic 7 are 3 nudges or holds that are available. There may be no wilds, scatters or bonus features to complicate things, but players have the opportunity of either holding one or two reels while the remaining ones spin, or nudging the reels up to create winning combinations.

There are but three symbols on the reels. A red background silver X, the standard, and dare we say classic Bar symbol, and the large 7. Hence the name of the slots game.

Winnings on Bar X Magic 7 can all be doubled as this online pokies NZ option has a delightful gamble feature. Players are shown a playing card, and can wager their winnings on whether the next card drawn will be higher or lower than the indicated card. Obviously an incorrect guess will forfeit the winnings.

Software and Design

The software provider of Bar X Magic 7 is Dynamite Idea, a UK based game developer that produces a wide range of online slot machines that are often distributed by IGT. The interesting aspect to this machine is the vast popularity it enjoys, much like the original Barcrest machine that was played extensively in amusement arcades around the world, where it was actually the most played slots machine of all time. Now available for online enjoyment and play at most australian casinos.