Online Bookmaker Deposits and Withdrawals with Neteller

Neteller is one of the e-wallets accepted as a payment method by a growing number of online bookmakers. It can be used to deposit and withdraw real money.

Some of the reasons given by punters for using the service are simplicity, deposit limits, and additional security. Punters are not charged a fee for signing up for an e-wallet.

The service is also available on a mobile platform for smartphones and tablets; a feature appreciated by punters who spend extended periods of time away from their computers.

Setting Up Neteller e-Wallets

Punters create their e-wallets by signing up at the Neteller website. The process requires a few personal details, a valid email address, and either their bank account or credit card details.

The e-wallet is created instantly, although it may take a few moments for the link between the e-wallet and the punter’s bank account or credit card to be established.

Once the link has been confirmed, punters can transfer money from their bank account or credit card to their e-wallet. They can use it to make deposits at online bookmakers as soon as the transferred money reflects in the e-wallet balance.

Using Neteller e-Wallets

Their Neteller e-wallet funded, punters can proceed with making a deposit at their preferred online bookmaker that accepts the service as a payment method. If punters do not already have an account at the bookmaker, they will need to sign up for one.

Once logged in, punters click through to the Banking or Cashier page. After selecting the Deposit option, punters will need to select Neteller from the list of payment methods, and type in the amount of money they want to deposit.

They will then be prompted to enter their e-wallet login details and confirm the deposit, which should be processed quickly. Punters can then click through to the relevant casinos and place real money bets on blackjack Canada games.

Withdrawals from online bookmaker accounts are also done on the Banking or Cashier page. Punters will need to select the Withdraw option, select the relevant withdrawal method, enter the amount of money they want to withdraw, and confirm it.

Punters may need to complete further verification steps; a security measure by some bookmakers to ensure punters are not being defrauded. Withdrawals usually take longer to process than deposits do, so punters should not be concerned if it does not happen immediately.

Neteller Costs and Deposit Limits

While setting up a Neteller e-wallet is free, the service does charge a small fee for certain transactions, but there are no hidden costs. Punters will see the charge reflected on their e-wallet receipts.

The deposit limits set by the service are not particularly low. Few punters find themselves in a position where they cannot deposit more money into their e-wallet.

Neteller e-Wallets and Security

Even though banks use state of the art security technology to protect bank and credit card accounts, many punters are uneasy about supplying their banking or card details to online bookmakers.

While reputable online bookmakers also use good quality data encryption to protect punters’ details, high instances of internet fraud have understandably made punters nervous.

Neteller e-wallets provide punters with an additional layer of security, as punters with e-wallets are not required to submit details they would prefer to keep private.


Top Betting Tips For The NBA Season

The NBA season is always a hugely popular betting option each year, with a lot of opportunities for placing wagers with good rewards. The NBA – National Basketball Association and the championship have been around since 1946 and the regular season kicks off in October and ends in April.  Then the playoffs for the championship begin in mid April and the NBA final will be played around the middle of June, so there are many thrilling months of betting on the NBA!

Know The Statistics

With 30 teams playing 82 games each, betting on the NBA can bring in big winnings for players.  It is, however a tough sport to bet on as there are so many variables in the game, and you will want to be well researched about NBA consensus data and the types of betting available that is specific to the NBA.

Home Court Advantage In The NBA

Home court advantage has always played a big factor in NBA wins and betting, but perhaps somewhat less these days.  In the 2015/16 season home teams won their games 59% of the time, and in the 2014/15 season it was 62% of games.  In the Seventies, many years were recorded with home team wins of nearly 70% of the time, and the reversal of this trend could be down to the NBA’s new rules about limiting the amount of back-to-back games, which always work against the road teams and the smaller amount of attempts at free-throws in offensive play these days.

Generally you could make the home-court advantage have a value of around three points per game, but if you have the time, researching which teams do actually play much better at home will give you a more precise idea on where to place your money for the NBA best bets

NBA Consensus Data

Understanding the public’s betting preferences on NBA games, and following the sportsbooks’ expert opinions as well as their wagering predictions are key to understanding where to play your money.  You will need to decide whether to bet with or against the general flow. There are strategies known in the NBA betting world as ‘fading the public’, these are for when you have decided to bet against the consensus data, they do have some merit, especially if you know your player and team information very well.

Psychological factors In NBA

As in any sport, previous wins and losses have an effect on the psyche of the team as a whole and on the individual players. Combine that with knowledge of their travel/road trip movements – read ‘physical  energy levels’, and you have some prime information.  A team who has been travelling and have played four games in six days and won all their games, will be very sure of themselves, but also really tired.  That could be an indicator of a loss coming.  On the other hand, look for teams that were expected to win a no-contest game and lost, they will most likely want to shake the humiliation in their very next game to reassert their position.   Having star players injured and signed off for a few games, or the whole season, can be a real psychological downer to a team.

Greyhound Racing

Simple and Convenient Online Greyhound Racing Bets

Sports betting on Greyhound Racing in Australia is a A$ 4 billion a year industry.

Even though Australia is one of the few countries that has a big Greyhound Racing industry, it also offers some of the most well regulated racing action.

This makes Greyhound Racing in Australia very popular since bettors know that the top class animals are treated humanely, which is the least they deserve since they provide such high stakes, edge of the seat betting action for players from across the world.

Online sport betting is what makes international and local racing bets so simple for fans from Australia to America.

Major Races On the Greyhound Calendar

Sports betting sites allow you to make wagers on both local and international Greyhound Racing.

Australia is one of the few countries that offer Greyhound racing betting in a well regulated environment which makes it very popular with international racing fans.

Fans of racing in Australia already know what world class competitor animals feature in Australian tournaments, but not many fans know what great betting action is available at online sports betting sites.

You get access to a wide variety of wagers on local and international Greyhound Racing, real money wagering and great customer service.

The Melbourne Cup

With a prize pool of over A$ 600 000, the Melbourne cup is easily one of the most prestigious events in Greyhound Racing in Australia.

It takes place after the Thoroughbred horse racing event of the same name. The Melbourne cup is the final of the Superdog series which is the three week run up series.

This event first started in the 50’s and it is still seen as one of the most prestigious Greyhound racing events in the world. An online sport betting gives you easy access to this event.

Making your greyhound bets from your smartphone or home computer means no trips to a brick and mortar betting shop and no long queue to place bets in a room full of screaming sports bettors.

You can wager when you want as much as you want. Well until you have no more money in your betting account at least.

The Golden Easter Egg

The Golden Easter Egg is another popular annual Greyhound Racing event in Australia. It takes place at Wentworth Park in Glebe. It is called the Golden Easter Egg as the event is held on Easter Sunday each year.

The whole event takes place across three weeks in total. The event starts off with heats, moves on to semi finals and finally there is the Final. There is prizes in excess of A$ 1 000 000.

Sports bettors can also get in on the racing action with online sports betting sites offering competitive odds on all the biggest local and international Greyhound Racing events.

Nobody wants to be stuck in a brick and mortar bookmaker on Easter Sunday. Rather sign up to a betting site and do your wagering from home. Sports betting sites never close, never take public holidays and are never off sick.


Online Sports Betting On Cricket in New Zealand

Cricket betting in an online format in New Zealand offers you great odds, bonuses and promotional offers as well as free sports betting software. You can wager on a wide range of local and international matches.

It can be hard to find the perfect sports betting site for you as most sites feature unique offers and bets, but it is worth it once you find the right site for you.

Sports betting feature real money wagers that can include New Zealand and Australian dollars along with Euros or American Dollars.

You can easily make deposits and withdrawals using a variety of online methods. This makes betting and collecting winnings a simple process. You also get easy access to wagers on all the top New Zealand Cricket tournaments, teams and players.

The McDonalds Super Smash

Twenty20 Cricket offers some of the best sports betting in New Zealand. The fast paced matchups make for some very exciting encounters on the pitch.

There are 6 New Zealand teams that take part in this event, the Auckland Aces, the Central Districts Stags ,the Canterbury Wizards, the Northern Knights , the Wellington Firebirds and the Otago Volts.

This tournament takes place every year. It features the 6 main teams that compete in New Zealand.

Online cricket betting is the ideal way to wager on this tournament since you can make easy wagers using your home computer or smartphone.

If you are out at the game and you get in the mood for some wagering action, simply log in to your online betting site of choice and place some real money wagers.

The Ford Trophy And Betting

For the best limited overs Cricket action in New Zealand you need look no further than the Ford Trophy.

It has gone through many title changes as the sponsors have been changed, but was at one point known as the New Zealand one-day cricket competition.

With 6 teams competing, each team plays one of the other teams for a total of 5 match ups for each team.

Three randomly selected teams also play against each other for an 8 game tournament. Games consist of 50 overs per team.

Plunkett Shield Betting Opportunities

One of the oldest first class Cricket tournaments is the Plunket Shield. It has gone through a few name and sponsor changes but in 2010 it was officially reinstated to the Plunket Shield, the tournaments original title.

It features the best teams in New Zealand competing in a points based tournament. There is no final game, so your sports betting should be focused on the team positions on the ranking table.

Teams to watch out for include the Auckland Aces, the Canterbury Wizards, the Northern Knights and the Central Stags.

The Future Of American Cricket

Recent Cricket developments in New Zealand include an interesting partnership with USACA which is trying to develop cricket in America.

There is a big push to start a Twenty20 tournament in America with help and guidance from New Zealand players. This can potentially mean some exciting sports betting opportunities on Cricket in the future.

How Baccarat Turned Out As An Exciting Card Game?

To experience an exciting card game, you must have to taste of being a winner. Normally, a kind of card game played in casinos is called baccarat, which is popularly known of three variants namely Chemin de fer, “Punto Banco” and Banque. Baccarat game is played through comparing cards between two hands. These two hands are the “Player” and the “Banker”. Each coup of the baccarat has 3 possible results: the player with the highest score, the banker and the tie. The game has been introduced in France in 1490, which is a French variation of baccarat – an Italian game. It also became an excellent online partner game at keno online casinos.

To begin with baccarat, the basics and rules of the game needs to learn and understand before you enjoy the game. Basically, the table of the game has been about the same size of the craps table with 12-14 players and 3 casino dealers. The game is composed of two principal bets: the player and the banker, plus the not often used Standoff. Some other casinos have card dealers that deals the cards in turn, and some other deals the cards by the players itself. In the online baccarat game, a virtual dealer automatically deals the card.

In the game, each player, including the playing-dealer may bet the Player (Punto) or Banker (Banco). The players can choose not to deal and will pass the “Shoe” towards the next player. If the Bank wins, the Shoe will remain with one player. Once the Player wins, the Shoe will be passed towards the next player. Of course, if there’s no rule of the game, it would not be exciting and never winning will never be enjoyable as it makes the whole play challenging.

The two hands will be dealt and betting which one will win or they ties. It is somewhat like betting on Red or Black roulette – the payoff is 1:1 money. However, there’s a difference between the Punto and the Banco bet. A Banco win will cost 5 percent tax or commission charged by the casino. Taxing the Banco has a reason, and it is to establish that more than an eight-deck cards play with regularly, the Banco wins 3-4 hands over the Punto. Each hand must have two minimum and a maximum of 3 cards. The person that deals the cards should put 2 cards – face down – placed under the Shoe given the largest bet to the player on Punto.

Of course, any game must have its rules to make it more challenging by the players. Baccarat card game is actually played from a 6-deck            or an 8-deck shoe. To start the game, the card dealers give 2 cards each to the player and the banker. The game’s object is betting on the hand, thinking to have the highest sum value. A third card will be dealt to either or both the Banco and the Punto based on the following rules of three-card. It is not needed to learn these rules of the game to play; these decisions are required and must be automatic.

Here Are The Latest Trends In The Online Casino World

The days of giant casino conglomerates are far from over, but as things go virtual from traditional, the emergence of online casinos has become an inevitable event. Through the years, online casino companies have come up with fresh and exciting ways to attract enthusiasts. This includes tons of great things such as new games, bonuses, rewards, and better payment terms. Truly, the internet has continued to revolutionize the online casino industry. For a fresh start, here are the latest trends that are dawning upon the said industry.


Free-to-play games for beginners and non-gamblers


With the emergence of mobile gaming also comes the creation of online casino apps designed to cater to first timers. These games are helpful for beginners because free-to-play online casino games are often non-cash and can be perfect for those who are still getting the hang of playing casino online. This can be a stepping stone to mobile gambling where higher amounts are at stake. Nevertheless, enthusiasts can continue playing and enjoying online casino without actually betting a single dime. Another great thing about online casino apps is that they most often than not integrate social factors into their service where players can add friends, share, send, and receive gifts.


Cryptocurrency making payments more convenient


For enthusiasts who want to get some money from playing in online casinos, the emergence of cryptocurrencies has truly revolutionized the way payments are made online. Without actually bringing out physical cash, you can now buy things and bet amounts within your limits. Bitcoin is among the most popular currencies that have that have recently been around the internet. As virtual currencies get more popular, we can expect the trend that more online casino websites will continue to rely on these currencies for player payouts and deposits.


Huge rewards and bonuses


To attract more players and enthusiasts, online casino websites have come up with exciting bonuses and rewards. Not to mention that they have also expanded their prizes and bonus amounts. Most rewards come in the form of gift items and chips. Players can then use these to play games and earn more from gambling. These rewards and bonuses, however, are often non transferrable and can’t be exchanged for money. Nevertheless, their existence has continued to improve the online casino gaming experiences. Making an account for website membership is one of the ways by which a player can avail of grand bonuses.


Better graphics, better gaming experience


The evolution of 3D graphics has improved the way people view online casinos. Because of this new format, it is now possible to display true-to-life graphic media content at Canadian Mobile casinos. This allows online casino websites to achieve a more realistic gaming experience and provide better service to enthusiasts. Online slot machines, for example, can now become more exciting due to better animations and sound effects making the game resemble genuine casino gaming in the real world. In line with better graphics, online casinos now also provide chat boxes allowing players to communicate with other online players.

What Forces People To Make Mistakes In Sports Betting – The Power Of Self Discipline

When compared to offline and real life betting, online betting looks more attractive due to a series of reasons. First, you have the opportunity to place a bet from the comfort of your bedroom. Forget about calling bookmakers or reaching to the nearest place. Second, you have more options. Some of the most important derbies have hundreds of betting options and choices. You are less likely to find this diversity in a real life betting house though. Third, your bets are more diversified. There are all kinds of special bets out there. When you mix them with the multiple bonuses and advantages, you can earn up to two times more than in a local bookmaking house.

These are the main reasons wherefore online bets have gained so much popularity lately. With all these, the high level of comfort can also lead to bad decisions. You can always deposit more and more money, not to mention exceeding your daily budget. Just like any other gambling activity, this one should be thoroughly thought about upfront. Then, what are the most important things to know before placing some sports bets? How do you make sure that you do not join the wide group of losers? Are there any secrets to be among the winners?

The secret to make money with sports bets

The truth is that there is only one secret to make the difference between success and failure in online bets. What is this secret about? Easy. It is known as self discipline. Some people may refer to it as self control or self judgment. In simple words, it is all about the mental and psychical power to avoid losing your head. Over 90% of all newbies do it, hence the losing statistics.

When do you normally lose your head? Many amateurs do it when they place the actual bet. They expect to pay a few coins and make a fortune. They would rather try 10 games on a ticket, rather than one or two. They do know that more games imply lower chances to win. But then, they are not motivated to go for small earnings. If a team is a favorite, why would not it win the game? Sports betting is not like bingo or video slots. This is not always about luck, but also about education. You have to study the form and analyze the players before deciding on one team or another.

The second moment when you might lose your head and overcome self discipline is when you lose a bet. You lose some money. It was a surprise game. It happens. You are disappointed, so emotions kick in and make decisions for you. You place a new bet to recover the loss. Chasing losses is one of the biggest mistakes and the last thing you should do. Your mind is not clear enough, so you lose even more.


In conclusion, online betting AU can be a profitable activity, but also a fun one for sports enthusiasts. However, making money asks for some discipline and control.